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The complexity of law fields involves the interdisciplinary consulting of our clients. To find solutions to certain problems, the development in tax law increasingly requires the involvement of outside experts who have specialized in particular fields of tax law. With regard to this Mesch Consulting GmbH has been part of a network of renowned national and international tax experts, lecturers and professors for many years.

When it comes to legal advice and auditing we rely on a cooperation with the law firms

Thanks to the proximity of offices and the close cooperation the portfolio of our tax consultancy is rounded off by the lawyers and auditors of these law firms. Thus we can take into account any possible interfaces between tax law and other law fields right from the beginning when trying to find the best solution for your consultancy needs.

The following themes have emerged as main fields of advice within the cooperation network:

  • Interdisciplinary consultation of medium-sized companies in view of a tax-optimized company structure
  • Comprehensive consultation of medical professionals on contractual arrangements by using the freedom to shape the transactions as to accomplish the most favourable tax result (foundation, take over, professional associations, group practices)
  • Advice on asset and company succession
  • Analysis of economic and legal processes within the company in order to identify areas of improvement
  • Interdisciplinary advice on the reorganization of companies

It is our philosophy to provide prudent consultation on tax, legal and economic issues and to offer pragmatic and expedient solutions without losing track of the complex fields of law.


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