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Accounting amounts to more than just compliance with legal book-keeping requirements; in fact it is an essential element of operative management control. Therefore, we not only see to your financial and personnel accounting but also assist you with expertise in keeping consistent records of all business transactions and analysing developments. Thus you receive a useful basis for your operative decision processes.

Our services

  • Current financial and personnel accounting (using computer-based systems)
  • Preparation of VAT, wage tax returns and social security deductions
  • Preparation of annual reports and statements on excess of receipts over expenses
  • Cost accounting
  • Establishment and maintenance of in-house accounting systems
  • Digital document posting
  • Advice on the optimization of document administration

By using the latest electronic data processing equipment we try to keep down expenditure and accounting costs:

  • Electronic keeping of cash ledgers
  • Electronic posting of banking transactions
  • Electronic posting of accounts payable 
  • Electronic reading of movement data into your inventory control system
  • Making use of the advantages of a paper-free accounting office

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